Yes, you read that right! We are London's only walking tour company themed

exclusively around the history of toilets and sanitation.

Join your guide and be immersed (metaphorically, that is!) on a whirlwind tour of the history of the British public toilet. From the earliest latrines through to the future of flushing you may never think about a simple visit to the lavatory the same way again!

The perfect day out for anyone who likes to dive a bit deeper (metaphorically again!)....  lifelong Londoners and first time visitors alike!

The Original Loo Tour runs:

Thursdays & Sundays at 3pm

We also accept private bookings!

Private tours start from £125 and can be scheduled at your convenience.

Our virtual events are also availible for private bookings.

E-mail bookings@lootours.com to book.

Our Walking Tours

Jubiloo Dalek
JF Bridge

The Original Loo Tour

Our classic route runs from Waterloo to the West End, exploring the potty politics of public toilets. From stories of intrigue to practical tips, this tour is an investment in your bladder future! Never be caught short again!

Meeting Location: Waterloo Station

Ending Location: Covent Garen Area

Duration: 1.5 - 2 Hours

JF Temp toilet
Princess Louise

The Bloomsbury Loo Tour: Public Health & The Flush Toilet

We put the Loo in Bloomsbury! This tour travels from Euston Square to Holburn and plumbs the depths of the history of health and hygiene, investigating how the toilet as we know it evolved.

Meeting Location: Euston Square Station

Ending Location: Holborn Area

Duration: 1.5 - 2 Hours

This tour is currently available for private bookings only.

The Fart Tour

The Fart Tour with Amber-Loo, which journeys through Soho to celebrate the fun and discover the facts of our greatest bodily function.

Meeting Location: Picadilly Circus

This tour is currently available for private bookings only.


General £18 | Concession £12 

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For cerrtificates purchased in 2020 and earlier

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Audio Tours

The Original Tour

The Bloomsbury Tour

Audiotour Theme Tune

Virtual Events

The History of the Humble Toilet

The humble toilet is, for those of us lucky enough to live in the developed world, a fixture of our lives, but have you ever wondered where it came from? Join London Blue Badge Guide Katherine Alcock, to hear all about the origins of this extraordinary item, the fascinating people who fought to bring it into the world, and the issues surrounding health and sanitation facing the globe today.

Availible for private bookings

Toilet Trivia with The Loo Lady

The ultimate Loo Tour quiz is perfect for lovers of quirky facts. No need to be a toilet expert: Questions cover a wide range of topics from history, to science, to celebrity gossip.

Availible for Private Bookings

The Virtual Fart Tour With Amber Loo

Celebrating everyone’s favourite bodily function!

The average person does it 17 times a day, but did you know there is quite a bit of history associated with farting? It’s true! Join professional London guide Amber to toot your way through the ages. Meet talented men who made a living farting, discover inventions and ideas that tried to improve passing gas, and discover the real stink behind what we expel everyday. 

Availible for private bookings

Meet the Guides

The Loo Ladies share a passion for London, history, interesting facts, and above all, a nice loo!

Rachel (Loo Tours Founder & Guide)

The woman who didn't want to pay to pee! Rachel founded loo tours after she developed an obsession with finding free toilets in London, and continues to take delight in sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm. She also Morris Dances... because if you work in toilets you have to have a "normal people hobby" as well.

Favourite Loo: "The one that's where I need it, when I need it."

Favourite Loo Fact: In America the flush handle is usually on the left and in England it's on the right! Even I don't know why (if you find out please tell me!)

Amber-Loo (Guide)

Amber cut her tour guiding teeth on a double-decker bus in 2002 and has been a professional guide/master of disguise since 2009. She holds an official badge to be a guide in The City of London, Westminster and Camden. She runs her own guiding under the title "American Tour Guide in London" and is always looking for ways to turn a costume opportunity into a walk around London. Her passion is bringing history to life so that all ages can enjoy and learn.

Favourite Loo: any clean loo - "If not, I'm armed with my She Wee!"

FInd Amber's other fabulous tours at: americantourguideinlondon.com

Katie-Loo (Guide)

When not gallivanting around London with a plunger, Katie can be found gallivanting around the various theatres and stages of England trying her hand at the life of a professional actor. When forced into doing a "proper" job she may be spotted putting her history degree to good use as a tour guide in various locations around the country.

Favourite Loo: The Jubiloo, of course! How can anyone fail to be won over by its patriotic charm?!

Favourite Loo Fact: Well that would be giving away some of the secrets of the tour... but here's a hint - it's to do with what happens to all the posh poo from London's Savoy Hotel!

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