You gotta go. You find a place. You flush. That's about it, you don't think about it. Could there be more? Oh yes! Join us on this interesting and thought provoking walk about toilets, sanitation, and other fun historical facts about going to the Loo! London Loo Tours has been educating and entertaining folks for years on the development of sanitation in London and sharing their secrets on where you can pee for free. Our revamped Bloomsbury Loo Tour will burst open the lavatorial door to another side of the toilet saga!


This tour dives deeper into the history of Public Health in England and how evolving understandings of disease informed the rise of the modern watercloset. Highlights include the site of the world's first toilet museum at University College London, to the battle of the sexes in the British Museum and a Grade II listed loo.


Meeting Location: Euston Square Station



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